Be My Valentine

Happy Saint Valentine! I hope you will be able to celebrate this day with someone that you love a lot or very special for you. I am so proud about the fact that my name is same as the Saint representing the biggest positive sentiment in the world. So let’s live the most romantic evening of the year in the proper way – dinner by candlelight or at the cinema for the latest love film – wearing appropriate clothes. If hearts are the most iconic symbols of love, don’t hesitate to choose Dolce & Gabbana jacquard mini-dress (on

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Slingback, pointed-toe, medium-heeled

Focusing on shoes is one of my favourite practise when I prepare my outfits. Since I wear jeans and simple tops most of the time, I often need to make my look less banal by choosing extraordinary footwear. That’s why I own several pairs of shoes and not so many clothes… Gorgeous medium-heeled pumps can help you to save time in case you are invited to an aperitif or dinner after work and you can not go back home to change your shoes. Select one  – or some… – of the following fabulous models and you will be able to run from your office straight to the restaurant. Continue reading “Slingback, pointed-toe, medium-heeled”

Stefano & Domenico’s new gardens

They are absolutely the major creators of flowered prints and their patterns conquer me every season. Impossible not to buy some “pearls” designed by the talented Milan-based duo. Let me show you the key pieces that can help you to face all Spring doubts about clothing. The full midi skirt with black elasticated waistband is a Dolce & Gabbana’s classic that can really make your dreams come true (on Don’t put on black tops over it: it’s much better to prefer a delicate pink blouse with long sleeves and nude slingback pumps with medium or high heel. The pink roses and small butterflies print is the one I appreciate the most among Stefano and Domenico’s proposals for S/S 2018 and I am so happy to come to know that they have also used this pattern for their irresistible beachwear (bikini available on

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Magenta: the new shade

It is not red, it is not purple. You can obtain it mixing these 2 colours. I believe that magenta is a fantastic shade suiting both girls with blonde hair and the ones with dark brown hair and eyes. Furthermore, it is a bright tone very appropriate for early spring when pastel colours must be avoided and black and grey shades can be put away. Givenchy has created many interesting clothes in magenta colour and you can find below my personal selection. I love icons, you know, so the first piece I would like to present you is the loose-fit T-shirt with the rottweiler print introduced by Riccardo Tisci (on

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Time to go to the Spa

047_59d6ea8b-be6d-4844-92a7-690380bccdc4It’s been 3 months since we got back to work after our summer vacations and some relax is urgent at this point (moreover, next Christmas this can be a good gift idea for your mum, fiancé or best friend): it’s time to go to the Spa. And cold weather outside makes this experience even more agreeable. It doesn’t matter if you will choose the wellness area of your gym club or one luxury hotel on the Alps. The most important thing is what you will be wearing in it. Let’s make our reservation and think immediately about the perfect outfit.  1- First of all, remember to reserve for Thursday otherwise you will not be able to wear Alberta Ferretti swimsuit… (on

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