Slingback, pointed-toe, medium-heeled

Focusing on shoes is one of my favourite practise when I prepare my outfits. Since I wear jeans and simple tops most of the time, I often need to make my look less banal by choosing extraordinary footwear. That’s why I own several pairs of shoes and not so many clothes… Gorgeous medium-heeled pumps can help you to save time in case you are invited to an aperitif or dinner after work and you can not go back home to change your shoes. Select one  – or some… – of the following fabulous models and you will be able to run from your office straight to the restaurant. Continue reading “Slingback, pointed-toe, medium-heeled”


Today I would like to explain to you how to renew the bohèmienne style appreciated by lots of girls. This is not a look that I like to adopt so frequently because I feel closer to eighties mood; anyway I think that some outfits can be extremely interesting with the needed updates. What is the main designer representing the theme of this post? Chloé, of course. Their printed, light-weight dresses and successful handbags in natural tones makes up the perfect uniform for all ladies that aim to be inspired to ’70s. In any case, this season the best bohemian dresses must be searched into Gucci’s collections.

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The Shoes

Aquazzura-Heels-Sexy-thing-bridal-105-White-Nappa-perlatalacemesh-FrontNon immaginerete perché sono così esperta in fatto di scarpe nel colore bianco…se l’avete capito, avrete anche dedotto che sto parlando proprio di Quelle Scarpe. Ultimamente ho compiuto una ricerca (più che) approfondita che mi ha portato ad identificare le varie tipologie della scarpa dei sogni. Ed ecco che si è materializzata una guida utilissima per voi che dovete scegliere la calzatura per il vostro giorno più bello (spero!). Minimo comune denominatore: colore bianco, linee essenziali, tacco altissimo. Se non hanno questi requisiti, non prendetele in considerazione.

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