Be My Valentine

Happy Saint Valentine! I hope you will be able to celebrate this day with someone that you love a lot or very special for you. I am so proud about the fact that my name is same as the Saint representing the biggest positive sentiment in the world. So let’s live the most romantic evening of the year in the proper way – dinner by candlelight or at the cinema for the latest love film – wearing appropriate clothes. If hearts are the most iconic symbols of love, don’t hesitate to choose Dolce & Gabbana jacquard mini-dress (on

where the printed sacred hearts are the protagonists on an elegant black base. Adorn yourselves with golden fashion jewels – such as the beautiful clip earrings in red resin by the same designer, on – and black sandals, to catch the most impressive effect.

If you intend to pass this evening at home – cooking for your fiancé, of course – I suggest you something more comfortable but again in style since we are still choosing the two Italian designers that aim to celebrate love through their collections. So wear the intarsia wool sweater (on on your black cosy leggings and in case you will fail to prepare the roast by your own, you will certainly need the extremely sensual black lace booties signed by the same talented creators (on to go out for a quick Chinese dinner. Most romantic than ever…



All pics taken from above mentioned web-sites.


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