Childhood Memories

41718514rx_12_fI really adore Stella McCartney’s prints and at the beginning of every season I can’t wait to discover the newest one proposed by the famous designer. This autumn is the turn of the nice characters of old British comic entitled “The Dandy” whose first issue was published in 1937! Thanks to a prolific collaboration between Stella and Beano Studios, now we can listen to the inner child that is in all of us wearing fashion clothes featuring the protagonists of comics we used to love. And we can choose among a wide range of timeless pieces… The ones I prefer are the white T-shirt and the dark blue sweater with Korky The Cat driving a car (both available on

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Take me to the moon (and back)

P00271361This season it’s all about planets, constellations and even U.F.O.! Did you watch the magnificent video by Gucci presenting the AW17-18 collection? I really adored it. All the main designers are proposing the same theme and we aim to be part of this new collective dream. So have a seat in your personal space shuttle and imagine to be in an episode of Star Trek saga like models chosen by Alessandro Michele for the latest campaign. What pieces do we have to show off on the starship? For a close encounter of the third kind, choose Stella McCartney printed T-shirt in black cotton with relaxed fit (on To be worn with a black mini-skirt – better if in leather or vynil – and white accessories. Continue reading “Take me to the moon (and back)”

The New Gentleboy

12035413GE_13_fAs you know, I don’t talk about men’s style very often, but today I would like to dedicate my post to the newest menswear for the coming autumnal season. We ladies know very well that boys like to be very concise, so I have prepared a “simple” list of the must-have pieces that all cool men should grab as soon as possible. First of all, the black tee for your free time and the most confortable trips. For the brand-addicted, I suggest Givenchy distressed T-shirt with white logo on the front or Marc Jacobs one where letters are jumbled up (both on But if you get a Saint Laurent model, you can be sure that it will be your timeless piece: find Saint Laurent metalised blue logo t-shirt and red lips one on

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